Winners 2017

The People’s NewSpace Leader & Company 2017, 18,879 Votes - 1,183 Companies - 217 Leaders

Thank you to the 18,879 people that voted for the People’s NewSpace Leader & Company 2017. Please find the 2017 ranking tables below.

Until the 31st of January 2018 a Full A-Z One Page List of All the Companies You Voted for Is Available to Download When You Log In

This list is indexed by ranking and market: B2B, EO Data, Exploration, Ground Segment, InSpace Services, InSpace Technology, Investment, Launch Segment, Research, and Satellite Services.

Axiom Space VP Strategic Development Amir Blachman - The People’s NewSpace Leader 2017

Congratulations to Amir Blachman. Amir won the vote with John Finney in 2nd, Yotam Ariel in 3rd, and Meir Moalem in 4th place.

Isotropic Systems - The People’s NewSpace Company 2017

Congratulations to Isotropic Systems. Isotropic Systems won the vote with Sky and Space Global in 2nd, Axiom in 3rd, and Blue Abyss in 4th place.