Damien Garot

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Director Corporate Development

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Professional Profile

20 years of experience in the Satellite telecommunications sector, with the first 10 years covering main domains (sales, regulatory, marketing and technical) and the last 10 years dedicated to growth management of the third operator in the World (Eutelsat, 6.6 Bn€ market cap).

Focus on new markets, disruptive approaches and innovative products/services. This is where tomorrow's growth stands.

Most significant achievements include the landmark deal with Facebook (Broadband in Africa, >150M$) , the approval by Eutelsat’s Board of Directors of more than 2.5 Bn€ investment in new satellites and the acquisition of a satellite operator in Asia (a 228M$ deal).

International/intercultural savvy, with a strong business exposure to the emerging markets (Africa, Asia and Middle-East) and a 4-year working experience in Washington, DC

Readiness for top management assignment: team leadership know-how, program management, experience in interacting with Board of Directors and Shareholders, strategic mindset and forward thinking, accountability for results

Specialties: Corporate development, organic growth, high-tech project management, GAFAs, M&A, disruptive growth, international partnerships, telecommunications, infrastructure sector, satellite industry, Broadband