Carlos Munoz Moya

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Dr. Carlos Muñoz Moya

Development, Simulation & Testing Specialist

10 years in aerospace sector, specializing in R&D, performance modelling,systems engineering, propulsion, hardware testing and technology management


• Test Bed Support for Validation
• Assembly, Integration & Testing
• Component Procurement

• Simulation & Modelling: Matlab
• System Performance Analysis
• Test Data Correlation

• Work Definition/Planning
• Proposal/Document Writing


ROLLS ROYCE Civil Aerospace (Germany) Feb. 2017 – present

>>Vehicle Measurement Engineer (Certification Testing for Turbofan-Jet Development)
• Test Support and focal point for instrumentation, sensors and data acquisition systems
• Defined experimental requirements for instrumentation from project/system level to final hardware
• Wrote work instructions, coordinated and planned workflow for factory floor and test-bench teams
* Completed Successfully Validation Campaign to EASA Standards for Engine Certification in 2017

ZARM Institute of Applied Space Technology (Germany)
Apr. 2012 – Dec. 2016

>>Project Coordinator for Rapid3 Project: wrote project proposal for CubeSat prop. unit 2015-2016

>>Scientific Officer for Catalytic Monopropellant Systems (Conventional & Green) 2012-2016
• Hardware: procured and AIT for thruster components and test-bench
• Software: developed and modelled tools for sizing, design and performance analysis in MATLAB
* Built H2O2 Thruster Test-bench in 2015 & Programmed N2H4 Thruster Model in 2014

>>System Engineer for PULCHER Project (Green Pulsing Propulsion) 2013-15
• Injector Development: designed concept solution and manufactured/procured end hardware
• Modelled and ran performance simulations of Mono/Bi-propellant options in MATLAB
• AIT - assembled, integrated and tested both injectors and test-bench
 Framework 7 ESA Review in 2015: Injectors Achieved Performance Requirement on Time & Cost

AIRBUS Defence & Space – Astrium (Germany) Jul. 2007 – Mar. 2012

>>System Engineer for HOMER Project (Hovering and Landing Vehicle) 2011-12
• Generated detailed flow schematics for architecture trade-offs & designed final ACS subsystem
• Created simulation model and ran performance simulations for impact analysis with ECOSIM-PRO
• AIT Subsystem: triads, valves, regulators, tanks, sensors and fluid lines. Correlated test data
 Test Campaigns in 2011 and Subsystem Qualification in 2012: ACS Performed to Specification

>>Research Engineer for SUCCESS Project (Ariane 5 Evolution with DLR and ESA) 2009-10
• Defined requirements and preliminary designs for monopropellant thrusters
• Collected and compiled former models/tools, designs and test data from heritage N2H4 systems
• Validated in-house tools against existing experimental data
* Compendium Report in 2010: identified current know-how and technology’s state of the art

>Master Thesis: Nozzle Design for a 200 N Rocket (with Kingston University) 2008

>Internship – Thermal and Propulsion Department (Propulsion Analysis) 2007-8
• HOMER Project (designed ACS concept) & VEGA Launcher (correlated test data vs simulations)

>Internship – Mechanical Department (ACS Subsystem Design) 2007
• Ariane 5/ACEP Project: traded off ACS options, calculated mass budgets & specified requirements

KINGSTON UNIVERSITY (United Kingdom) Jul. 2005 – Aug. 2009
>Admissions Officer: enquiries for 5000+ applications/yr, SharePoit, data-base (SITS) 2005-7&2008-9


PhD - Doctor of Philosophy in Aerospace Propulsion Sept. 2009 – Nov. 2016
Kingston University London: directed by Dr. Chris S. Welch in collaboration with AIRBUS D&S Dissertation: Development of a Monopropellant Thruster Design Process
• Collected largest data set of thruster design data available in literature
• Combustion modelling of catalytic reaction (heat & mass transfer) in N2H4 thrusters
• Generated a new Design/Catalyst bed length estimation algorithm validated against exptl. data

M. Eng in Aerospace Engineering and Astronautics Sept. 2002 – Jul. 2009
Kingston University London (2005-9): focused on space, covering all spacecraft subsystems, mission analysis, Thermofluids/Aerodynamics with FEM & CFD and business mgmt. /project modules
Master Theses: Nozzle Design Optimization (individual) & Microgravity Experiment Test-bench (group)

Universidad de Sevilla (2002-5 studies transferred to UK after): focused on aircraft and aeronautics with a strong background on theoretical physics, advanced mathematics and numerical analysis

CATIA .v5: 328 hours, WBS Training, 2016
EcosimPro: 50 hours, AIRBUS D&S, 2011
ANSYS: 150 hours, Kingston University, 2009
SolidWorks: 150 hours, Kingston University, 2007

Programming & Eng. Tools : Matlab, EcosimPro (advanced) / Visual Basic, Fortran, STK (basic)

General: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint (advanced) / MS Project, Visio (basic)

Spanish: fluent
English: fluent
German: intermediate


Micro-gravity: finalist ESA’s 51st “Fly your thesis!” (2009), LYCEUM project (Sputnik remake)

Vehicle architecture projects: A400M, Lear-Jet 25 and Cassini–Huygens capsule

Leadership: student government 2005-09, editor of fan-based Sci-Fi magazine HoloRed, event organizer involving 200+ attendees and local media coverage

Sport: Olympic fencing & mountaineering federation member; Ken-do, sport coach & first aid