The Bison74-ET-RH is a sunsensor for space applications under development in frame of an ESA Artes 5.2 contract and expected to be available on the market (at TRL8) by Q4/2017.

This type of sensor will have the following specifications:

•FOV >±60 degrees on axis, >±70 degrees diagonal
( ±68° nominal >±74° diagonal nominal )
•Accuracy 0.7 degrees 3σ (calibrated)
5 degrees 3σ (non-calibrated)
•Operating temperature range -110°C to +110°C
•Qualification temperature range -125°C to +125°C
•Mass 24.5 ± 1 grams
•10kΩ NTC temperature sensor inside package (TBC)
•First eigenfrequency > 500Hz
•Material TiAl6V4
•Surface treatment none