Suppliers by Component


Hi-Rel Business

Our range of high-reliability product solutions for Aerospace & Defense applications, are designed and manufactured to comply with a wide range of standards for extreme environmental and demanding electrical conditions of Military/Avionics industry.

Suppliers by Component

Batteries ElecticFuel

Capacitors EFCWesco

Circuit Protection AEM

Connectors Bix Electronics,Coaxicom

Discrete Digitron Semiconductor, Semitronics, Semtech,Solitron Devices, SMC- Diodes, Solid State

Fuses/Inductors /Magnetics AEM, API Delavan, Vanguard Electronics

Opto Isocom

Oscillators, Quartz & Crystals Bliley Technologies

Power Products (DC-DC Converter) Modular Devices, Powrmod, Synqor

Semiconductors Alliance Memory, Pyramid Semiconductor, Tekmos

Storage Innodisk