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Low Earth Orbit Satellite Infrastructure Services (LEOSIS) provides consulting, design, integration, testing, trouble shooting and operational resources to those seeking to utilize Low Earth Orbit (LEO) space to build a business.

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Not long ago, only governments and those who made a career in aerospace would contemplate businesses based on space technology. Today, inventors, entrepreneurs and established aerospace companies are all coming up with great ideas to leverage the unique capabilities of running a business based upon satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO). Innovation, growth and new paradigms continue to drive down the cost of building LEO satellites. The result is an explosion of ideas, new ventures and investors targeting unique business opportunities that can only be supported by operating satellites in orbit around the earth.

What they will all discover, somewhere along the way, is that coming up with the idea and building satellites is only part of the journey to a successful business. The challenges of operating infrastructure that is not only constantly in motion, but must also survive the rigors of a rocket launch and then be placed into an in-hospitable environment where there are huge temperature swings and the electronics are bombarded with radiation, can be significant. In addition, once there, you will never physically touch the satellite again.
All of this must be dealt with before any space venture can begin operations of the business concept that started them on their journey. The lower cost of building and launching satellites has not eliminated these challenges. It simply makes it less costly to find them for yourself.

The past 30+ years are littered with companies who have tried to make LEO space based businesses successful. Many have raised tremendous amounts of capital, taken years to build and deploy, only to be faced with insurmountable technical problems or markets that do not materialize as envisioned. To date, only one company has successfully transitioned from concept to profitability without going through bankruptcy first.

Philip Miller, President and Founder of LEOSIS, was responsible for building that companies LEO satellite infrastructure. From building and operating cubeSats, nanoSats, microsatellites and hosted payloads to ensuring they deliver on promised performance once in orbit are only a fraction of what was accomplished.

Whether the issue(s) is market, regulatory, prelaunch problems, in-orbit anomalies, operations or numerous other issues that determine whether that satellite infrastructure is a profit producing asset or a flying brick, LEOSIS has been there. Simultaneous operation of multiple LEO satellites, uplinking, downloading and communicating with them through an extensive globally distributed ground station network, LEOSIS has done that.

With experience, knowledge, tools and resources available through LEOSIS, we can help ensure that your Low Earth Orbit based business will not stumble due to issues that have little to do with the vision of your business and everything to do with designing, deploying and operating satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO).





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