NewSpace People Interview with United Space Structures

Company Update

What Is the Background of United Space Structures’s Top Management?

Bill Kemp has over 35 years of design and construction experience in both architecture and multi-discipline engineering of Earth based mission critical facilities which include hospitals, command centers and primarily data centers, I have designed 34 tier 4 data centers. Here is a link to my LinkedIn profile for more details:

Mission critical facilities have redundant electrical and mechanical systems and are generally hardened facilities. These facilities must stay up and running regardless what the environment they operate in.

What Is United Space Structures’s Core Product or Service?

USS has designed 6 robotic systems for additive manufacturing of any kind of structure in space. This could include uninhabitable open space frame microgravity structures like large telescopes and satellite arrays, large solar arrays or unmanned manufacturing facilities. We could also manufacture in space pressurized habitats large enough to spin and create artificial gravity. We believe our additive manufacturing process is the least expensive way to build structures in space. As a species we need to stop building small habitats on Earth and launch them into to space, it is just too expensive and severely limits the architecture required to permanently live sustainably in space. In addition to the 6 robotics systems for in space construction we have also designed other robotic systems for building habitats on the surface or below the surface of the moon or on Mars and beyond. Our product/service will be manufacturing space development properties for solar system infrastructure expansion.

What Is United Space Structures’s Unique Proposition to Their Market Sector?

USS builds exclusively in space any kind of structure required. We send up our reusable robotic systems and raw materials and build our structures in space to whatever scale or configuration is required.

How Does United Space Structures’s Disrupt the Competitive Environment of Its Market with Its Product/Service?

There is competition for USS that can build small scale structural components for assembling open space frames but USS is the only company that can manufacture very large pressurized habitats that are large enough to spin and create artificial gravity which is required for long term or permanent living in space. Our construction process is the safest and most economical way to build in space.

What Are United Space Structures’s Growth Objectives over the next 5 Years?

We intend to build and launch our strut builder system called MAP and our spider bot to begin building a variety of open space frame structures for infrastructure projects such as unmanned manufacturing facilities that use microgravity to build unique high value products in space. We also intend to help support asteroid mining companies and other space infrastructure projects.

What Competitive Changes Does United Space Structures’s Envisage Within Key Markets over the next 5 Years?

Launch costs due to larger launch platforms, greater competition and reuseable rockets will drive down the cost of launches which will allow greater volumes of building materials to space. As asteroid mining companies and moon mining companies begin to harvest in-situ materials we will shift our focus from Earth based polymer and carbon fiber materials to metals for construction materials.




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