Mission Specialist



Mission Specialist

World View Enterprises is readying its Operations Group to prepare for numerous unmanned launches of stratospheric balloon systems. The Operations Group is responsible for manufacturing and maintenance of the flight vehicles, and for executing flight operations, which include payload support and integration, launch, mission control, and recovery. To support our customers, World View is building a team of Mission Specialists. The Mission Specialist will serve as World View's technical interface to the customer's technical staff supporting the payload.

Primary Duties:

The primary duties of the Mission Specialist will be to:

Provide technical support to the program manager during the proposal phase
Assist the customer in preparing for and integration of the payload into the flight vehicle
Provide support to the customer during launch, flight, and de-integration operations.
Furthermore, as World View is making the transition from an R&D organization to an operations organization, engineering R&D efforts continue to be performed. The primary duties for this transitional role include working with the engineering group, design, manufacture/assembly, and test of R&D and flight hardware for high altitude balloon systems.

These duties involve:

Develop/refine payload management and integration and test (I&T) processes and execute with each payload provider.
Develop/refine payload interface standards to be levied to customers so that we can offer a uniform service to payload providers.
Leading efforts that support customers requiring customized flight services.
Work with World View technical leads and senior staff to ensure application of WV technology is implemented safely and efficiently for each payload provider.
Support functional and environmental testing, test planning, test procedure development, test equipment, and test operations.

The Mission Specialist is primarily responsible for ensuring the successful integration of the customer payload onto the flight vehicle. More specifically, the Mission Specialist is:

Responsible for successfully managing payload providers prior to and during integration and flight
Responsible for successfully managing payload interface & integration compliance
Responsible for ensuring on-time post-flight reporting and meeting customer's expectations
General Requirements:

The ideal candidate will have a degree in mechanical, electrical, or aerospace engineering with experience in design, build, and test of electrical/mechanical assemblies:

Educational Background
At least 5-10 years of experience with a Bachelors of Science in engineering (mechanical, electrical, or aerospace) OR
3-5 years with Masters or PhD
Ability to work autonomously and with a small team in a fast-paced environment.
Good written, oral, and presentation skills in English.
Effective technical support skills
The ideal candidate will have familiarity in some of the following areas with an emphasis on grounding schemes and communication systems:

Power systems
Long range and/or Satellite Communication systems
Spacecraft Bus design
Autonomous Guidance systems
Structures / mechanisms
Thermal management of power systems





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