Global Rankings Data

The Most Admired Business Leaders and Companies in the Global Space Industry

Leadership Monthly published the survey on the 27th of December 2017, and it includes 18,879 unique votes for 1,183 companies and 217 leaders. The survey is known as the People's Awards as voters are able to vote for any business leader or company of their choosing.

Axiom Space VP Strategic Development Amir Blachman - Most Admired Business Leader of 2017

Amir received the most votes in the survey with John Finney in 2nd, Yotam Ariel in 3rd, Meir Moalem in 4th, and Belladonna Stofiel in 5th place.

Isotropic Systems - Most Admired Company of 2017

Isotropic Systems received the most votes in the survey with Sky and Space Global in 2nd, Axiom Space in 3rd, Blue Abyss in 4th, and Fleet Space Technologies in 5th place.