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Winners of the People's NewSpace Company 2017

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The New Space Industry needs a low cost, easily adopted and high throughput optical communications architecture...we represent that. Xenesis...see the light and connect.

Over the past 30 months, we've designed a Multi-Layered Terrestrial Bypass Optical Mesh Network to deliver a much needed asset to the Space industry...what we like to call "Endless Spectrum®". We deliver this via the Xen Hub®, a newly patented laser/optical communications technology invented by CalTech and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in a license partnership.

We realized over the past 2 years, that by solving a major asset tracking problem within the Aviation industry, we were creating more problems than we were solving. The problem is Down-linking massive amounts of data (in a mission critical environment). By solving this problem, we have positioned ourselves to eventually become a major player in the High Throughput Satellite industry, at very low cost.

Our current solution is already flight tested, proven and patented. The Xen Hub® delivers a 5X increase in downlink capacity, while offering it's users as much as a 10X decrease in overall spend. We are partnered with Georgia Tech, JPL, NASA, Flex, COSMIAC and Atlas Space Operations.

Over the coming months and years, we will be designing & launching the Intercessor Constellation® which will have PB capacity and will revolutionize the market with full terrestrial bypass Free Space Optical comms with an uptime of > 99%. Combined with a robust and World-first Optical Ground Segment and dedicated CDN...the World will finally have an affordable, low-latency and high capacity optical network.