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Winners of the People's NewSpace Company 2017

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Founder & CEO


Company Details

SpacePharma is a unique powerhouse offering an affordable and accessible microgravity, together with true innovation to R&D pipelines.

Our mission is to become a world leader in providing simplified and valuable, end-to-end microgravity services and solutions for research.

Microgravity is a disruptive opportunity for several major sectors: pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, material/chemical science and nutrition. It provides companies and researchers with the ability to accelerate discovery processes for new drugs and vaccines, develop new crystals and materials and accelerate the study of human genome and origin of diseases.

The potential scientific, technological and commercial benefits of microgravity research to humankind are substantial, and will revolutionize traditional Earth-bound processing methods.

SpacePharma has developed end-to-end miniaturized lab systems provided with sensors and readers, capable of working on different microgravity platforms and assists its customers in all phases of performing experiments in microgravity, including experiment planning, preparation, execution in microgravity and result analysis.

All experiments can be remotely controlled and commanded by the users from their own location using SpacePharma’s scientist front-end software.

SpacePHARMA's services aim at helping science escape gravity, and focus on turning scientific ideas into a reality.