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Spacechips designs Space Electronics for manufacturers of satellite and spacecraft sub-systems offering you proven experience and expertise in ASIC/FPGA, analogue, mixed-signal, power & COTS. Spacechips can help you bring your products to market right-first-time, to cost and schedule, and is delivering to major OEMs today. The company has received many awards for growth and innovation, won High-Reliability Product of 2016, New Company of the Year and Aerospace Product of 2017.

Spacechips helps suppliers of components to the satellite industry understand future commercial and technical trends and how they should align their product roadmap and R&D strategy to guarantee ROI. We advise clients what types of parts will satellites require in the future, why will these be needed, where will they be used, by whom and when. Spacechips has delivered growth and strategy reports, and published product reviews which have increased sales, market share and secured design-ins for suppliers of space-grade electronics, EDA software and test equipment.

Spacechips also offers training courses and webinars on Space Electronics allowing you to make an independent and informed choice when selecting FPGAs, ADCs/DACs, power regulators & COTS. The training is offered around the world, compares competing parts from different suppliers and includes classroom demonstrations of EDA software and test equipment.

Spacechips also offers expert, due-diligence consulting services for private-equity fund managers considering investing in the global satellite industry.

Each month I post an article about Space Electronics on my blog, Out-of-this-World Design ( In addition to providing thought leadership, articles include tutorials on space-grade FPGAs, SEE mitigation, satellite power generation, linear and switching DC-DCs, RHBD, semiconductor radiation effects, signal/power integrity and payload testing.