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We are developing reusable cislunar transportation to deliver cargo and personnel from low Earth orbit to the Moon's surface and points in between.

We were established as a Limited Liability Company in June 2017 to help humanity expand into the solar system by extending Earth’s economic sphere to include the Moon. Our vision is “Provide commercial transportation from Low Earth Orbit to the Moon’s surface and all points in between.” We are developing reusable space-based transfer vehicles, transportation nodes and lunar landers. Primary services include geosynchronous transfer orbit insertion as well as delivery to geosynchronous equatorial orbit, Earth-Moon Lagrange Point 1 and the lunar surface. Additional services include large orbital debris removal, satellite relocation, up to 90% trans-planetary injection delta velocity, and Adventure Travel transportation.

Are you a small spacecraft company that wants to take advantage of emerging low-cost launch vehicles? Do your missions require orbits beyond the reach of current or planned launch vehicles? Does your business plan include operations on the Moon? Would you like to be able to relocate your spacecraft without wasting precious operational propellant? Do you own retired spacecraft that should be deorbited to reduce orbital debris? Would you like to focus your Adventure Tourism Company on the human experience rather than transportation? If you answered Yes to one or more of these questions, contact Cislunar Space Development Company, LLC so we can work together to achieve your goals!