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International Independent Institute for aeroSpace and Satellite Solutions Is a Association Non-profit organization

The 3i3s institute was created in July 2005 . The journey begins for the team led by the same engine: the image, France, Aerospace applications in the public and among professionals.


If you enjoy to do a vox pop and you ask people in the street "What is a satellite? "You have all the chances that 90% of them meet you as satellites" are used to the weather or the military. " A small handful of them mention the TV with CanalSat and GPS thanks to the democratization of this application ... Yet many other areas are concerned, unexplored or unknown ... What a pity!

At present, there are only 6 telecommunications satellite manufacturers in the world, including three Americans: Loral, Boeing and Lockheed Martin. The other three are European: EADS Astrium, Thales Alenia Space and OHB System newcomer. Until 2010, the first 5 shared the world market with 20% each. OHB System has changed things a bit in 2010 with an order from the European Commission for the new European Galileo GPS. The production capacity is about four satellites per year.

Yet it is clear that France has 2 prestigious manufacturers (Astrium & Thales Alenia Space) and a major operator (Eutelsat) remains more than timid, from our point of view, the applications via satellite.

Here are some examples, still relevant today, in 2014 ... We have villages, schools, hospitals still do not have Internet access. In Ireland or Turkey, schools are connected via satellite. In France, our children, at the hour of Skype still studying English and the art of conversation only through textbooks! How is it possible, then we could have the satellite videoconferencing with other schools? What are the town twinning between them? How is it that the majority of our fire stations has a subscription to CanalSat and that there are very few fire trucks or ambulances equipped with a mobile satellite system to save lives? These vehicles would be only the exclusive use of television producers? Why do we still have no trains, planes or buses with internet access?

We are amazed to see that our elected officials continue to invest considerable sums to wire their city and town in fiber! Admittedly, this is a very good solution but, firstly, often disproportionate to the requested service because why make the falls for a village that will consume only a few bottles of water? On the other hand, we now live in a world where mobility is essential. Or difficult to move pulling meters from its cable! even more absurd solution that we could connect satellite!

Applications via Satellite are numerous and could easily be deployed in many areas: agriculture, education, security, ecology, transport, etc.

Contributing to better understand this tool is one of our engines.


The aerospace industry is a strong contributor to well-being for humanity. However, as for satellite, many ignore all that this sector includes. The majority of people automatically associate the plane to "airlines," some will think fighters and Patrouille de France but few will evoke the multitude of private jets and all aircraft marina.

And, like aerospace, aeronautics we find in many areas: agriculture (spray aircraft for example), ecology (with the monitoring of the environment, wildlife and flora ...), security (helicopters for civil security, Canadair, rescue at sea ...), humanitarian (food transport, had medicalized ...) etc.

So why not combine the aerospace and aviation by developing satellite functions in aviation, pool applications and create synergy. By equipping aircraft satellite receivers we would avoid losing them at sea .... Applications are beginning to emerge such as Internet access or phone on board, landing guided by satellite and tomorrow remote assistance to resolve technical problems in flight or to assist in an emergency sick passenger etc.

These are some examples of our scope of action, actions we have taken to deploy mainly on land of special games: the France! Why ?

Just because France is not only the birthplace of aviation but also one of the most important players in the world of Aerospace. We are fortunate to have prestigious companies like Airbus - Airbus Helicopter (eg Eurocopter) - AIRBUS Space & Defense (Ex & Astrium Cassidian) - ARIANE SPACE - Dassault Aviation - SAFRAN - THALES - Zodiac Aerospace - AEROLIA - LATECOERE - EUTELSAT and many others. We are home to outstanding institutions such as the CNES - ESA - Galileo, the Musée de l'Air, the Aero Club of France and newly Aeroscopia.

This is driven by the passion of this world and worn by the French power 3i3s that has built and voluntarily around 3 axes: the network, education and humanitarian. The 3i3s activity is based on these three pillars, pillars that you find everywhere in browsing the site.


3i3s is a strong network, dynamic, interactive and plural. It consists of all the links in the chain:

- Users: students, teachers, farmers, traders, doctors, soldiers, sailors, pilots, drivers, truckers, disabled etc.
- Industrial, with:

The producers of essential interfaces such as, for PCs: HP, TOSHIBA, SAMSUNG, APPLE, LED ... for tablets: APPLE, SAMSUNG, ARCOS ... for SONY TV, SAMSUNG, HITACHI, PANASONIC ... for smartphone running satellite: Turaya ...
Software like Microsoft Publishers ...
The router manufacturers like CISCO or JUNIPER, modems such as GILAT, HUGHES, I-Direct ... and parables with TONNA, TechniSat ...
The SSP (Satellite Services Providers) that are NORDNET, ALSATIS DSD, ORANGE, CANALSAT etc.
- The actors of the satellite:

The operators: EUTELSAT, SES-ASTRA, Intelsat, Inmarsat, Galileo etc.
Manufacturers: AIRBUS Space & Defense, Thales Alenia Space, OHB etc. (Ex ASTRIUM.)
The launchers: Ariane Space, Airbus Space & Defense ... and tomorrow S3 and SPACEX
- Institutions that unite this world: CNES, ESA, NASA, the OECD, DLR, Parliamentary Group for Space, the Academy of the Air & Space. You can find them in the "Our Members" tab
- Media: Air & Cosmos, Space & Exploration, Aviation Week, Space News, Discovery RMC, BFM, D8 (Ex Direct 8) etc.
- The artists: they are increasingly attracted by this universe.

You can discover all the tabs that concern ( " Our Members " and " Art and Aerospace ")

We have already received many personalities, organized and hosted several conferences and debates undertaken exceptional humanitarian, always driven by the desire to initiate, create, share and communicate.

3i3s is a place of exchange and expression of know-how between the actors of the Aerospace one hand, and the needs of customers whatsoever other. We want to develop a state of the art, comprehensive and prospective vision of the sector for the benefit of any person and any organization with an interest in Aerospace Technology (Satellite Applications and suborbital trips for example aerospace, electric airplanes, private jets or drone for Aeronautics). Finally, we wish to be a communication tool for the Aerospace sector at the International level ...

3i3s is a true land of encounters that allows industry professionals to become known or consolidate their reputation. 3i3s course is a crossroads where innovation enthusiasts around the Aerospace and curious cross. It is also a tool that will facilitate and trigger vocations in our students, a source of information for our journalists, a showcase for professionals who wish to make known their expertise ...

Our network brings to date over 1,500 members with over 330,000 contacts, including our supporters in Europe.

For better readability, we declined our MEMBERS into several categories:


It is the planet of our assets: Jupiter members are manufacturers, PC manufacturer in satellite manufacturer via the modem manufacturer, launchers, operators, application providers ... They have a business approach and is 3i3s for them both a showcase where they can showcase their expertise and an address pool promoting contacts. Some 3i3s allow them to touch prospects for others to show and consolidate their leading position. These members may also use our axis "Technology Facilitator service NGOs and Humanitarian profit associations" to sponsor an action or develop its own.


These are our referrers and their reach is wide. They are astronauts, cosmonauts, astronauts, astronauts, fighter pilots, airline or acrobatics but also engineers, architects, consultants, experts, adventurers, men or women politicians, corporate CEOs from the world of Aerospace etc.


These are all Associations of our universe, those who, like us, are working to make known our world: associations, institutions, clubs.

Discover all our members


You are curious or fascinated by this universe?

You are an individual or a company wishing to promote and get involved in a humanitarian purpose share, enrich their knowledge on Aerospace and / or share them, a small company or a larger, individual, student, a job seeker or retiree etc. Excited about our world, you are welcome to 3i3s!

Become a member


The skills are important, but also animated by 3i3s know. The educational pillar for exchanging, sharing and developing knowledge but also to connect to recruit and train all levels of industry stakeholders. 3i3s therefore meets:

Grandes Ecoles and universities positioned in this universe: ISAE, UIS, ENAC
Experts and 3i3s stakeholders are able to share their experiences: our astronauts, cosmonauts, pilots, doctors, psychiatrists, nutritionists, engineers, architects ... Each in its field of competence is involved, anime, regularly form on request. You can appeal to them.
The HRD: essential interfaces, they can share with us to link with students. They provide access bridge to the industry.
In employment, an important partner of 3i3s allows you to have maximum visibility: MONSTER, World number 1 online resume will allow you to contact the recruiting company or to find the right candidate profile ...

Finally, to provide a constantly up to date news, VIGIWORD our partner is able to scroll the web to remove most of the information about our universe. You will not miss anything and no information on Space Applications and Innovation in Aerospace will escape you (to come).

A Glossary (to come)


3i3s had to achieve and innovate by making everyone and for a great cause the Aerospace world applications. So we devised a mechanism that allows our members to invest in humanitarian actions. This pillar of humanitarian is our thread!

For it is clear that the Aerospace lives in his microcosm, somewhat elitist microcosm. This, in our view, can only ultimately lead to a loss of skills. It is necessary that the extraordinary expertise of the Aerospace tomorrow can serve all of mankind and begin to everyone. The example perhaps most striking is that of GPS: this app, there are still a few years, was reserved for the military and a few insiders. Today, she makes many services to Mr. Tout-le-Monde and to anyone who wishes to use it.

The ambition of 3i3s is to build a bridge between this high-tech world and civil society as to know that to be proactive in opening up new application areas still little known or not in agriculture, education, art, health, security, transport, ecology etc.

And humanitarian is a superb showcase a remarkable communication for a company.

We selected the organizations with which we have or we will collaborate. Humanitarian missions already carried out were a success from the point of view of sponsors that the human impact. The involvement of volunteers and sponsors, working together to implement an action, brings to all a real value!

Do not wait, contact us, come and support a humanitarian project that integrates your technology applications. With 3i3s, come help improve the immediate future!